Feels like someone hit my knees and low back with a grease gun ... pretty cool. —John Roddy

Kim has made wonderful changes in my body. She seems to know just what to do for my ailments - a sore shoulder, a tender lower back, weak neck. I am in a small group where I and everyone else get individual attention. Kim is a constant friend, encouraging, nurturing and compassionate. —Julie Herring

Working with Kim has transformed my body and my life. I have been a client of Kim's for 10+ years. I've had issues just like most of her clients - car accidents, back pain, etc. Kim takes the time to get to really know each client and uses her vast knowledge to form a partnership that has transformed my life. Kim has a passion for helping her clients reach their true potential. She is an expert in several forms of body work, Melt, Pilates, RFST and has gained that expertise by learning everything she can about each modality. Her knowledge allows her to adapt her classes and lessons seamlessly to each client. Have I mentioned the studio? It is a haven of peace and beauty where clients are held in Kim's warm embrace - you may feel weary entering...most people do...but when you leave you feel stronger, both physically and emotionally. Kim's passion and drive for results helps her clients reach their potential and I'm very grateful to be one of them. —Linda StJohn

I have never felt so strong and in charge of my body! —Lisa White

I first came to Meridian Pilates in 2012, when I was pregnant with my first child. I had terrible sciatic pain and was desperate for relief. My boss referred me to Kim O'Leary for a complimentary consultation. Kim introduced me to Melt Method and I haven't been the same since (in a good way)! It was evident in my first Melt class that I was trapped in my connective tissue, from moving in the same patterns every day. At 30 years old, how could I have such limited mobility? I took two Melt classes and noticed reduced inflammation and less lower back strain. I was hooked! Kim worked with me over the next couple years (and though another pregnancy), improving my range of motion. In addition to Melt, I also added a small group Mat class and a larger group Tower class to the mix - all in an effort to stretch, strengthen, and balance my body. The process was not overnight, but little by little I was increasing my core muscular endurance and voila! No more pain. As my posture improved, I also was becoming more flexible. I started losing weight, and my body became leaner. So, I signed up for a semi-private Wunda Chair class. The Wunda Chair took things to a new level for me. I fell in love with Pilates because the movements are fluid and challenging, no matter what level I am at; each day is different. Each additional Pilates class I did, I started as a Beginner, but slowly progressed to Intermediate level, and then the Advanced level. Because Kim is so in-tuned with the body's natural movements, I felt really comfortable trying new things. In 2016, she suggested that I come to a TRX™ Suspension Training class. The idea of suspending your body in space to work out was terrifying. I barely made it through my first class, but felt so great that I kept coming back for more. Wow - What a full body work out! Most recently, we have been working on Resistance Flexibility and Strength Training techniques, which are allowing me to work with intensity while also being very kind to my body. When I go to Meridian Pilates, I leave functioning at a more optimal level than when I walk into the studio. How awesome is that?!?! —Mary E. Roy