• All Classes are 55 minutes in length.
  • Pre-registration is required due to limited class size.
  • Classes cancelled less than 24 hours in advance will be charged in full.
  • MELT Method techniques and Resistance Flexibility self-stretches are utilized in all classes to heighten body sense, increase postural awareness, deepen the connection to the core and assist in accessing more integrated movement.


The mat is the foundation of all Pilates repertoire. Explore your body to balance your physical strength and flexibility and increase core muscular endurance with optimal skeletal alignment. You must be proficient in the order and flow of the mat work as classes are taught at a challenging pace with an emphasis on awareness, breath and flow.

WUNDA CHAIR $30 (limited to 4 participants)

The Pilates chair or "wunda chair" is a powerful piece of exercise equipment to develop endurance and stamina. You will be challenged aerobically as we work with flow through intermediate and advanced chair exercises to build core stability, upper body strength and lower body power.

SPRINGBOARD $30 (limited to 6 participants)

This class uses the springboard unit along with mat work to assist in exploring fundamental movement skills. The introduction of external resistance by way of the springs allows you to experience a deeper connection to the core as well as stretch and strengthen your muscles. This class assists beginners with finding proper form and allows more experienced participants to challenge their bodies in a new way.


MELT for Pilates utilizes the MELT half roller to create a more efficient body to improve the integrity of the mat work. The techniques learned in this class assist in reintegrating proper movement patterns, regaining spinal mobility, increasing stability and improving mobility. Bring your body back to its ideal state with MELT for Pilates. This unique fusion of MELT techniques and classical Pilates mat exercises will create length, enhance strength and deepen your core connection to find more potential in your movement.

TRX $20 (limited to 6 participants)

This class offers a full body workout that combines cardio and strength training. We utilize the principles of Pilates as well as Resistance Strength and Flexibility training to build strength, agility and a strong core connection.


The focus of this class is to empower you to restore efficient integrated movement. Learn powerful techniques to improve all aspects of flexibility, strength and core development. We use Resistance Flexibility stretches to accelerate all aspects of your personal development. MELT Method techniques assist the body's ability to function optimally by rebalancing and hydrating tissue.