Stretching teaches you that your body and your life reflect each other. — Bob Cooley; The Genius of Flexibility Centers

Resistance Flexibility and Strength Training (RFST) is a technique created by Bob Cooley, an internationally known expert and author on biomechanical flexibility and strength. Cooley's system of Resistance Flexibility provides stretches for 16 unique groups of muscles, and teaches associated physiological and psychological benefits in addition to specific improvements in organ function and body functions. Contrary to popular belief, range of motion is not a true measure of flexibility. True flexibility is the length a muscle can elongate while maximally contracting. This is the natural or organic way muscles stretch. Resistance Flexibility creates a natural change in flexibility as myofascial tissues are stretched while the person naturally tenses and resists the elongation. This translates into immediate, cumulative and permanent changes to every type of tissue in your body.


  • Lengthens and strengthens muscles simultaneously
  • Removes accumulated dense fascia and scar tissue (ADFST)
  • Removes muscle tension
  • Increases aerobic capacity
  • Creates cumulative and permanent increases in flexibility and strength
  • Reshapes posture
  • Protects you from injuring yourself from overstretching
  • Removes chronic injuries
  • Re-establishes optimal bio-mechanical efficiency
  • Improves physiological health
  • Accelerates personal growth

Discover self stretches and assisted stretches developed by Cooley at Meridian Pilates and experience this powerful tool to improve all aspects of your flexibility. It's all about the fascia!