When your body gets the support it needs, it heals itself. —Sue Hitzmann

MELT is a simple self-care treatment technique that reduces chronic pain and helps you stay healthy, youthful and active for a lifetime. MELT Method was created by New York City manual therapist and connective tissue specialist Sue Hitzmann. Using specialized techniques, a soft body roller, and four different balls, MELT is designed to reconnect whole-body communication, rebalance the nervous system, rehydrate the connective tissue and release compression in the joints.


  • Heightens your body's ability to restore balance and repair itself
  • Offers natural pain relief for chronic pain
  • Improves sleep and digestion
  • Increases energy
  • Improves flexibility
  • Improves posture and alignment
  • Reduces stress and tension
  • Reduces the appearance of cellulite
  • Enhances athletic performance

Discover the deep intelligence of the connective tissue system through MELT Method. Learn how this breakthrough self-care technique empowers you to notice and discover the untapped potential in your body.